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A number of third-party applications are currently available for (or are compatible with) the Emotiv EPOC.



See Contributions:Emotiv on the BCI2000 wiki.


See OpenVibe's website here.

Usage will require edk.dll from a raw EEG providing license and a developer headset.


Cortex ArcadeEdit

Available here on the Emotiv Web Store.

Games included with the bundle include..

  • Emotipong (Pong)
  • Cererbral Constructor (Tetris)
  • Jedi Mind Trainer (WingRaise)

Spirit MountainEdit

This game is bundled with the consumer Emotiv headset.



BioExplorer is a comprehensive neurofeedback application. Usage will require edk.dll from a raw EEG providing license, a developer headset, and the stand-alone purchase of BioExplorer. BioExplorer requires a USB hardware key (HASP) for operation of the program.

Mind WorkStation (MindWS)Edit

Created by Transparent Corporation, Mind WorkStation is a program geared towards brainwave entrainment but apparently also has limited Neurofeedback capability.


Emotiv Brain Activity Map / Emotiv EPOC 3D Brain Activity MapEdit

Developed in-house at Emotiv, these applications allow for the visualization of real-time EEG activity and are usable across all EPOC versions. The Premium edition of the 3D Brain Activity Map will also allow the playback of TestBench created EDF files (with the caveat that only raw EEG licensees can use the program).

All of these applications are non-free.

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